World of Final Fantasy Guide – Mirages You Should Consider Raising

In World of Final Fantasy there are a several Mirages that seem undesirable at the start, but eventually become quite useful.

If you’ve been collecting a lot of Mirages, here are the best ones you should consider raising:

World of Final Fantasy Mirages

Please note that certain Mirage requires a Memento before you can reach their evolution. The majority of the mementos are obtained through story progression. Here’s the guide on where to get the specific Mementos.
We’ll update this as soon as we find more interesting Mirages

Mu -> Carbuncle

World of Final Fantasy Guide 1

The pre-evolved form of Carbuncle named “Mu” is one of the first Mirage that you will be able to catch in World of Final Fantasy. Sure, they look weak, but did you know once you manage to evolve it to a Carbuncle, it can give your party status buffs? Some of the useful abilities of Carbuncle are the following: Shell, Magic+++, Magic Defense+, Agility+, Evasion+.

From Mu, it will turn into a Skull Eater and then its final evolution, Carbuncle.

Mandragora -> Malboro

Malboro is one of the iconic monsters in the Final Fantasy series and yes, you now have a chance to use him in battle. To do so, you must first have Mandragora and raise it to Level 19. From there, it will evolve into a Malboro where it will have useful skills like Bad Breath, and passive abilities like HP+, HP++, Strength++.

Fritt -> Ifrit

The legendary Ifrit is one of the strongest Mirages that I’ve found in the game. For those who wants to get him, you can do so by evolving the cute little mirage named Fritt to Afrite, then to Ifrit. One of the useful abilities of Ifrit is the Hellfire and passive abilities like HP++, Strength++, Magic++, and Critical++.

Bablizz -> Shiva

Shiva is another Mirage that can be obtained by evolving a certain Mirage. When you catch a Mirage named Bablizz in Nether Nebula, you can evolve it to Mishiva and to Shiva. One of the most useful abilities of Shiva is Diamond Dust.

Zapt -> Ramuh

The thunder god Ramuh is yet another eidolon that you can get in World of Final Fantasy. When you get a mirage named Zapt, immediately evolve him into a Zaphr and finally to Ramuh. One of the notable abilities of the thunder god is of course, Judgment Bolt.

White Nakk -> Fenrir

See those cute White Nakk in the Icicle Ridge? Apparently, it evolves into Fenrir. When you unlock Fenrir in the Mirage board, you can then evolve White Nakk into a mighty Fenrir! Who doesn’t want to use Fenrir’s Ice Storm ability>

Cockatrice -> Valefor

When Yuna first made an appearance in one of the early chapters, I’m sure you already saw Valefor. Well, you can get Valefor if you evolve that cute Cockatrice, which can be found in Pyreglow Forest. It’s iconic Energy Ray ability makes a return in this game.

Dualizard -> Tiamat

The mighty three-headed Tiamat is in World of Final Fantasy and yes you can get it when you manage to evolve the Dualizard mirage which can be found in Pyreglow Forest or Saronia Docks. One of the useful abilities of Tiamat is Thunderbolt.

Tonberry -> Tonberry King

Yes! The mighty and cute Tonberry King can be obtained in this game. But first, you must evolve Tonberry into Tonberry King. One of the notable skilsl of Tonberry King is Everyone’s Grudge.

Sharqual -> Bismarck

The mighty whale Bismarck is one of the most powerful water type Mirage that you can get. To obtain him you must evolve Sharqual, found in Saronia docks, to Mega Sharqual and to Bismarck. Its Breach Blast ability is one of its notable attacks.

Seasnake -> Leviathan

When you see a Seasnake in The Law Seas or The Sunken Temple, be sure to raise it up as that one can evolve into Leviathan. Its iconic Tidal Wave ability makes a return in this game.