Liquid was the Dota 2 pro team to come out on top at The Internation 7, the biggest esporting event in history.

The yearly event saw teams from around the world battling it out for a slice of the colossal prize pool of $23 million, the majority of which came from gamers. The top team, Liquid, won in fine style becoming the first team to 3 – 0 an opponent in the Grand Final, to take home the $10.8 million top prize.

There were some incredible plays by Liquid, whom had to fight through part of the lower bracket to get to the final. Going into the third and final final game of the best of five, they had somewhat walked the first two. However, Newbee seemed to be in a dominant position for much of the third game until a team fight at Roshan, where Juggernaut not only just survive but start slashing crits, swung the experience and gold charts firmly in Liquid’s favour.

Valve was not done with the entertainment quite then though. To cap the night off they revealed two new Dota 2 heroes: