Star Ocean: First Departure R gets a release date in Japan

Square Enix announced today that Star Ocean: First Departure R for the Switch and PlayStation 4 will release on December 5 in Japan for 3,200 Yen.

Gamers who will be getting it on PlayStation 4 can avail the digital Deluxe Edition where it will include the Star Ocean Live Collection 2019 digital soundtrack for 5,000 Yen. Unfortunately, there’s still no word when the game will be released outside of Japan.

Pre-orders for the PS4 version is now open where gamers can either pick Standard or Digital Deluxe. A PlayStation 4 Dynamic Theme will be included to which ever purchase gamers make.

Here’s an overview of the game, via Square Enix:

  • High-Definition Visuals – Up-converted from SD to HD resolution, the quality of the game’s graphics and movies has been enhanced.
  • New Illustrations Based on the Super Famicom Version’s Designs + Character Illustration Switch Feature – Katsumi Enami, who handled the character illustrations for Star Ocean: The Last Hope, has created new character illustrations based on the Super Famicom version’s designs. You can switch between the First Departure and First Departure R illustrations as you like during the game.
  • Full Voice-Overs from the First Departure Voice Cast + Voice Switch Feature – Since the Super Famicom version had no voice-overs outside of battle, the voice-overs have been newly recorded by both the Super Famicom version cast and the First Departure cast. You can switch between the First Departure and First Departure R voice casts as you like during the game. The voice cast includes:
    • Ratix Farrence
      • First Departure Version: Mamoru Miyano
      • First Departure R Version: Hiro Yuuki
    • Milly Kiliet
      • First Departure Version: Hitomi Nabatame
      • First Departure R Version: Konami Yoshida
    • Dorn Marto
      • First Departure Version: Kentaro Ito
      • First Departure R Version: Nobuyuki Hiyama
    • Ronixis J. Kenny
      • First Departure Version: Kenji Hamada
      • First Departure R Version: Akira Okamori
    • Iria Silvestoli
      • First Departure Version: Sanae Kobayashi
      • First Departure R Version: Wakana Yamazaki
  • Field Movement Game Speed Boost Feature – Added a feature to increase the game speed by two times when moving on the field.
  • Game Balance Adjustments – Adjusted battle difficulty.

Check out the new trailer below.