Marvel’s Spider-Man Guide: How To Beat Rhino And Scorpion Boss Fight

As you might know already, Marvel’s Spider-Man PS4 features the Sinister Six and you have to face all of them in order to save New York City. Later in the game, you will also have to face Rhino and Scorpion in a two-on-one handicap boss fight!

However before Scorpion joins in on the fun, Spider-Man will have to beat Rhino by himself at the beginning of the fight. As you can guess, fighting Rhino in the first half of the fight is not easy because you cannot simply tackle him head on.

The best thing to do to fight Rhino is to keep your distance from him. Allow Rhino to run up and charge at Spider-Man to lure him near cranes and storage boxes. If you see him near a huge storage box, you want to press the L1 and R1 buttons to make him woozy.

There are like four or five storage boxes in the place you fight Rhino, but soon you will run out of boxes to spill on top of him. If you cannot see anymore boxes, you can then lure him near cranes to bonk him on the head with.

When Rhino is woozy, only then should you approach him to beat him up some more. Rhino pretty much does the same pattern in the first half of the fight and you don’t even need to change your strategy in the second half when Scorpion comes in either.

When you face Rhino and Scorpion at the same time, just ignore Scorpion for the time being and focus on knocking out Rhino first using the same box/crane strategy. After a while, Rhino should get too tired and he will be knocked out for good.

After Rhino is defeated, it’s pretty much easy to beat Scorpion. Just keep pressing circle to avoid his poison attacks and spam the Impact Webbing to defeat him. You can also swing around the area to dodge Scorpion’s attacks as well.

If you continue to do this, then you should be able to knock both guys out! It’s not a hard boss fight as all you really need to do is keep dodging and know when to strike!