Skyrim Sidequest – Uncovering ‘The Forsworn Conspiracy’

Another sidequest that you can do in Skyrim is uncovering the Forsworn Conspiracy in the Reach.

Sidequest #2: The Forsworn Conspiracy
To initiate the quest, go to Markrath.


– When you first visit Markrath, you’ll immediately see a scene where a man kills a woman in the market in cold blood.
– Investigate what happens by talking to other traders in the market.
– Eltrys will approach you and give you a note.
– Read it. You now have to go to the Shrine of Talos.

– Inside the Shrine of Talos, you’ll see Eltrys.
– Talk to him and you’ll learn that there’s a conspiracy going on in Malkrath.
– He’ll give you a task where you have to uncover who’s behind it all.
First Task: Find evidence about Marget
Second Task: Find evidence about Weylin
It doesn’t matter which one you do first

Find Evidence about Margaret

– Go to Silver-Blood Inn and talk to Kleppr.
– Ask about Marget
– Kleppr will tell you that Marget has a nice room paid off for a month.
– If you have a high Speech Skill, you can persuade him in giving you the key to her room. Otherwise, you can intimidate or bribe him.

– Inside the room of Marget, look for her Diary.
– Reading her diary, you’ll learn that Thonar Silver-Blood is involved in this conspiracy.
Note: Go report back to Eltrys to get a portion of your gold for having progress in the investigation.
– Go to Thonar’s house.

– Look for Thonar in the dining room.
– Tell him about Marget and he’ll reveal that he’s been working with the King of the Rugs, who was a former king of the Forsworn.
– Two Forsworn agents working for him in the house will kill Thonar’s wife. Kill the two Forsworn and you’ll uncover the mystery about Marget’s death.
– On your way out from Thonar’s house, Markrath’s Guard will tell you to stop your investigation. Ignore it.

Find Evidence about Weylin

– Go the Warrens, which is located on the lower section of Markrath.
– Talk to Garvey
– Persuade him in giving you the key to Weylin’s room in the Warrens. If you don’t have a high speech skill, simply bribe him.

– Inside his room, search the chest. You’ll see a note.
– Read the Note. You now have to investigate who N is.

– When you leave the Warrens, a forsworn mercenary will approach you.
– He’ll tell you to stop going into the business of the Forsworn and Markrath. He’ll challenge you into a brawl.
– Give him enough punches and he’ll tell you that the “N” in Weylin’s note is Nepos the Nose.
– Now that you know who N is, head to Eltrys to receive your reward.

– Head to Nepos the Nose’s house which is located on the upper section of Markrath.
– When you go inside, his maid will stop you. Persuade her that Nepos the Nose is expecting you.
– Talk to Nepos and you’ll learn that he’s the one that instructed Weylin into killing Marget. More information will also be revealed about the Forsworn and it’s leader. Madanach, who’s locked up in Cidhna Mine.
– At the end of your conversation with him, you’ll have to fight him and the people inside the house.


– Inside the Shrine of Talos, Eltrys has been killed by the Markrath guard.
– Approach the guard and LET THEM TAKE YOU to the Cidhna Mine.

Note: At the end of this quest, you’ll unlock another sidequest that will put an end to this conspiracy. Check our Part 2 on this walkthrough.