Skyrim – Sacrifice Your Follower & Obtain Boethiah’s Ebony Mail (Daedra Artifact)

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By playing Skyrim, we are first taught how to be a cannibal. Now, in order to get one of the fifteen Daedra Artifact in Skyrim, one of your followers has to be sacrificed. This is a small price to pay as it will get you one of the games strongest armors.

When enchanted with the right properties, the Ebony Armor Set maybe one of the best equipment that you can have in Skyrim. In order to obtain the rare Ebony Mail, you must pledge allegiance to Boethiah.

One of the requirements in unlocking the quest to get the Ebony Mail is to be at least level 30. If you are, then let’s get started.

Boethiah’s Ebony Mail

– When you reached level 30, you should be able to meet a Boethiah Cultists that will attack you. Kill him and loot the corpse to get the book of Boethiah. Read it then the quest will start.
– IF you don’t want to wait for the Boethiah Cultist, you can simply go to their sanctuary.
– Sacellum of Boethiah is located east of Windhelm around the mountains.
– If you’re not level 30 at least, you will see the place deserted.

– Once you reach their sanctuary, talk to the Priestess of Boethiah.
– Tell her you’re not afraid of Boethiah, and answer some of her questions.
– You should initiate the quest, Boethiah’s Calling.
– In order for you to get acknowledged by Boethiah, you must sacrifice someone in the altar, using the Sacrifice Blade she will give you.

– Now, you have to find someone to sacrifice.
Suggestion: Don’t sacrifice the follower you love to be with. Take the follower that you use the least the most. An example of this is Sven of Riverwood.

– After you picked the follower you want to sacrifice, go back to Sacellum of Boethiah and head on the upper level to find the altar.
– Talk to the follower and tell her to activate the pillar.
– Once she activated it, the pillar will suck her body. Use the Sacrifice Blade to kill her!

– Once she’s dead, Boethiah will posses her body and talk to you.

– After Boethiah gives her opening speech, she’ll ask everyone in the Sacellum that she’ll only acknowledge someone who is left standing.
– You’ll see all the cultist killing each other and will come after you. Kill them all!

– Once everyone is dead except you, Boethiah will now tell you that you need to kill her current Champion. By killing the Champion, you’ll become the new ones appointed by Boethiah.
– Head over to the Knifepoint Ridge as the Champion is located there.

– Clear out the settlement.
– You’ll face some tough bandits here. Be careful.
– Once they’re dead, follow the marker to go inside the mine where the Champion is inside waiting.

– Inside the mine, clear it out.
– Be careful of the strong bandits here.

– At the end of this dungeon, you’ll meet the Champion, equipped with a full Ebony Armor set.
– Kill the Champion and claim the full SET!

Now, is sacrificing someone for this Ebony Mail worth it? HELLS YEA!