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Dragonborns who are seeking powerful artifacts that they can use for their equipments can find the sixteen Daedric Artifacts that are scattered throughout the game.

Each of the artifacts in Skyrim will require you in doing a side mission. While it may sound easy, each of these quests has a requirement in order for you to trigger that quest. Some of the quests that will reward you a Daedric Artifact will require you to be at specific level as some of the bosses you will face will be hard.

Here’s the first artifact that you can get that doesn’t have any prerequisites.

The Azura’s Star

– The first thing that you would need to do to unlock the Azura’s Star quest is to listen to the rumors. A barkeep such as Hulda in Whiterun will give you information on the Shrine of Azura.
– Once you hear the rumor about it, the Shrine of Azura’s location will be on your map. If you don’t like to listen to the rumors, you can simply go there. The Shrine of Azura is located south of Winterhold, near the Mount Anthalor. It’s on the peak of the mountain from Mount Anthalor.

– Now that you’re on top of Azura’s Shrine, you’ll meet a Daedra named Aranea. Talk to her and she’ll mention that she’s been waiting for you. Talking to her will unlock the quest that will begin your hunt for the Azura’s Star.

– Your first mission is to find an elven man named Neclar in the Frozen Hearth Inn in Winterhold. He’s an enchanter and he’ll tell you more about the star.
– Upon talking to him, you’ll learn more about the Azura’s star and will tell you that it’s located in Ilinalta’s Deep.

– The location for the Deep will be on your map. Go there.

– Before you enter the deep, make sure you’re prepared as there are Necromancers and Skeltons waiting to ambush you.

– Inside the deep, there are potions, and other items that you can loot. Don’t forget to take them.

– At the end of this dungeon, you’ll find that the Azura’s Star is broken. Now you’ll have some choices to make…

Want the Azura’s Star or the Black Star

Once you obtained the broken Azura’s Star, you’ll now have to choose whether you like to turn it into a Black Star that recharges using the human souls, or the Azura’s Star where it will recharge by defeating any foes that has a soul.

For the Azura’s Star…

Let Aranea fix it for you.

For the Black Star…

Let Neclar fix it for you.

Face the Boss

Once you pick which one you would like to get in the end, you’ll have to face the boss that’s lurking inside the Star to freely use it.

Inside the Star, you’ll face Malyn. Defeat his minions and eventually kill him to free the star from his curse. Now you can use the Azura’s Star or the Black Star that you get from completing this quest.

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