Last week it was speculated Sony might be buying Crash Bandicoot back from Activision. More news has surfaced on this big rumor.

A reddit post has intensified that the rumor of Sony buying Crash Bandicoot and reviving him on the PS4. The official Crash Bandicoot website was made by Activision no longer loads up. It was last active on October 8th. It’s also worth mentioning Crash Bandicoot no longer appears on Activision’s own website either.

Activision hasn’t made a Crash game since 2008 and cancelled a game in 2010. Since then, they were doing nothing with the character. With the PS4 out, Sony might be hoping to bring the character back for the system. The rumor last week suggested Naughty Dog and Sony Santa Monica might be co-developing the game. How cool would that be if it comes true!