XSEED Games officially announced today the confirmed release date of the much awaited Ragnarok Odyssey Ace for the PS Vita and PS3.

Fans looking forward to play the expanded content included in Ragnarok Odyssey Ace can purchase the game on either the PS Vita or PS3 starting on April 1st. For the first time, players on both platforms can cross-play with another to do quests, slay down monsters and many more. In Ragnarok Odyssey Ace, players will see a host of all-new content, including the Tower of Yggdrasil, an enormous ever-changing dungeon that will challenge players with different layouts and enemies each time they enter. In addition, the game will also utilize the new “Ace Skill” system, where new moves and skills will be available.

Check back with us near the release date for our review of Ragnarok Odyssey Ace.