Monster Hunter: World – Mantle, Booster and Pigment Unlock Guide

One of the best and worst things about games like Monster Hunter: World is trying to find time to unlock it all. There is always going to be an opportunity cost, be it chasing after specific armor, HR, palico upgrades, trophies, features and oh so much more. One of the easiest to overlook are mantles, boosters and the unique pigment.

Unlike a lot of things, mantles and boosters are a great way to supplement your build and do so in a way that isn’t costing you much. What they do ranges from free healing to generating cash for you team to even unlocking specific skills. They’re a must if you plan on sticking around for the long haul and extremely useful if you just want to supplement builds. With this in mind, this guide will help you unlock them all.

Editor Note: Mantles and boosters are listed in the order they’re presented in game. In addition to that, since most of these are unlocked by doing one thing, followed by completing a quest, the guide will tell you the method to unlock and then proceed to tell you what needs to be done. I also included whether it was assigned or optional to make it easier to locate.


Vitality Mantle

Mission: Assigned – Tickled Pink

Unlock Method: Story related

Ghillie Mantle

Mission: Assigned – Sinister Shadows in the Swamp

Unlock Method: Story related

Glider Mantle

Mission: Assigned – Ballooning Problems (most likely)

Unlock Method: First quest completed in Coral Highlands

Challenger Mantle

Mission: Optional – The Red and Blue Crew

Unlock Method: It should appear when you hit rank seven. If it doesn’t, look for someone hosting it and that should unlock it for you too.

Bandit Mantle

Mission: Optional – “Redefining the Power Couple”

Unlock Method: Progress in the story and then talk to Armory

Apothecary Mantle


Mission: Optional – A Portent of Disaster

Unlock Method: Fully research 10 monsters (get all the stars in the Monster Field Guide)

Immunity Mantle


Mission: Optional – A Blazing Sand

Unlock Method: Fully research 15 monsters (get all the stars in the Monster Field Guide)

Impact Mantle

Mission: Optional – Showdown: the Muck and the Maul

Unlock Method: Hunt five different threat level one (Great Jagras, Kulu-Ya-Ku, Pukei-Pukei, Barroth, Jyuratodus, Tobi-Kadachi, Anjanath, Tzitzi-Ya-Ku, Paolumu, Radobaan, etc) monsters

Evasion Mantle

Mission: Optional – New World Sky, New World Order

Unlock Method: Hunt seven different threat level two (Rathian, Legiana, Odogaron, Rathalos, Diablos, Pink Rathian, Bazelgeuse, Azure Rathalos, Black Diablos, etc) monsters

Rocksteady Mantle

Mission: Optional – A Summons from Below

Unlock Method: Hunt three different threat level three (Kirin, Nergigante, Teostra, Kushala Daora, Vaal Hazak) monsters

Fireproof Mantle

Mission: Optional – A Fiery Convergence

Unlock Method: Story progression

Waterproof Mantle

Mission: Armory R&D: Waterproofing delivery

Unlock Method: Progress in the story and collect three Jyuratodus Scale+ and one Jyuratodus Fin+

Iceproof Mantle

Mission: Armory R&D: Weatherizing delivery

Unlock Method: Progress in the story and collect three Paolumu Pelt+ and one Paolumu Wing

Thunderproof Mantle

Mission: Optional – Gone in a Flash

Unlock Method: Capture multiple monsters and complete their arenas


Health Booster

Mission: Assigned – One for the History Books

Unlock Method: Story Related

Cleanser Booster

Mission: Optional – On Nightmare’s Wings

Unlock Method: Story related

Affinity Booster


Mission: N/A

Unlock Method: Complete all the quests in the research base




Mission: Optional – The White Winds of the New World

Unlock Method: Complete every mission between one and eight stars