Earlier today the highly anticipated Monster Hunter: World update released and with it came the fearsome Deviljho. However, like a lot of games, updating to the latest version isn’t all you need to do to find Deviljho. Thankfully, it isn’t hard to unlock, assuming you’ve progressed though most or all of the story first.

Unlocking Deviljho

To unlock Deviljho, simply start an expedition and look for a location with a ??? monster. If one doesn’t appear, simply start one, end it and check again until it appears. Upon finding one, look around until you find Deviljho’s tracks. One is all you should need, though you can ultimately track and kill it if you really want to.

After you’ve completed this, simply return to town and it will unlock him.


How to Get the Special Assignment

For the special assignment mission you’ll need to actually track and bother with Deviljho. If you track it enough you should unlock the quest by talking to the same person that unlocks Deviljho.

As for the assignment, it’s somewhere between a lot of fun and really annoying. Outside of the first bit, which asks you to knock Deviljho as quickly as possible, it’s a straight fight, one that is pretty easy if you have good armor.


After finishing the assignment, speak to the quest giver, read some dialogue and you’ll get the Dragonproof Mantle. This one boosts dragon damage, decreases dragon damage taken and nullifies dragonblight.