At long last, the highly anticipated Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate for the Nintendo 3DS is now available nationwide in North America.

To celebrate the release of Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate in North America, Capcom has released an update via the Nintendo eShop where gamers can download the “Starter Pack” item that contains bunch of items. The pack has the following items that gamers can use:

Mega Potion x50
Honey x30
Mega Dash Juice x15
Well-done Steak x30
Max Potion x10
Lifepowder x20
Ancient Potion x5
Flash Bomb x30
Sonic Bomb x30
Pitfall Trap x15
Shock Trap x15
Super Mushroom x6

Need help on how to download the Starter Pack? Here’s how!


So if you’re reading this because you just got your copy of Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate and are ready to claim your free Starter Pack, including the Super Mario Bros. collaboration items, here’s a little guide on how to get make sure you get everything:


– Internet connection

– A copy of Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate

– A save file with at least one hunter created


1) Go to the Nintendo eShop

2) Download and install Patch 1.1

3) Load Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate

4) Go to “Your House”

5) Talk to the “Housekeeper”

6) Select “Downloadable Content”

7) Go to the “Gift Area” option

8) Download the Starter Pack

9) Exit the Download Menu

10) Check your Item Box

Check back with us early next week for our review and bunch of guides we’ll have for the game.