MARVEL Future Fight Celebrates Over 100 Million Players

Avengers: Endgame is not the only Marvel property earning itself lots of milestones. The video game MARVEL Future Fight has reached a milestone of its own too.

As announced in a press release, the free to play MARVEL Future Fight video game has now amassed over 100 million players worldwide. To celebrate the occasion, some new rewards will be available to all players.

You can read more details about the press release from the official info that has been posted down below.

  • There are over 100 Million Agents across the world that enjoy Marvel Future Fight, with over One Billion Super Heroes owned by these Agents – almost 13% of the entire global population!
  • Marvel Future Fight’s total playtime from ALL Agents is over 40,000 years– 4 times as many years from when the last Ice Age ended.
  • Agents saved the universe from Thanos’ wrath over 100 Million timesand protected MARVEL Future Fight from over 3 Million Sentinels / Master Molds
  • There are now 187 Marvel Super Heroes added to the game since its April 2015 launch, including the Fantastic Four, X-Men and more! These characters are also dressed for success as there are 203 Uniformsavailable from past updates.  

As part of MARVEL Future Fight’s anniversary, Netmarble is launching special in-game events for Agents to dive into, including:

  • 8 Weeks Login Event – When Agents log in to MARVEL Future Fight, they will receive rewards such as 6★ Mega Rank Up Ticket where you can get 6★ heroes such as Black Widow, Hulk, and Iron Man.
  • Fourth Anniversary Comics Card – Players will receive this special card when they log on from now until May 13.
  • Other miscellaneous activities include a 4th Anniversary Characters Voting Event, anAvengers Special Event Quest, where you can receive up to Tier-2 Mega Advancement Ticket.

MARVEL Future Fight is available now and is free to play on iOS and Android devices.