God of War III Launch Pad
In the End… There Will Only Be Chaos. Welcome to the Launch Pad of God of War III. In the last entry to the trilogy of God of War series, we guide Kratos for the last and final time in his revenge against the Gods of Olympus. After the events of the second God of War game, the book about Kratos life will finally close. With the Titans on Kratos’ side, how will the game end?

Enjoy and check out what we have for you exclusively right here in Just Push Start!


God of War III Review
“God of War III is no doubt one of the best games of 2010. With its stunning visuals and packed action adventure game, Kratos’ journey will be remembered for many years to come. God of War fans or not should definitely pick up this game without hesitation. God of War III is gaming perfection.”


God of War III is out this week for most territories. Just Push Start has already played the game and now presents to you our guide to the much anticipated title. Having played through the game multiple times during different difficulties we assure you our guide will help any gamer of any skill and ability.

We cover all the secrets, plus the best way to defeat all the bosses. If you want to all the trophies or just want to simply complete the game here is our guide covering all 7 chapters of the game.

NOTE: Follow through the guide to obtain all of the Gorgon Eye, Minotaur’s Horn, and Phoenix Feather. They are are highlighted so missing them is impossible!

The road ahead to Mount Olympus is a hard one and a help is a must! PDF guide will be available soon!

Prologue: Poseidon
Chapter 1: Hades
Chapter 2: Helios
Chapter 3: Hermes
Chapter 4: Hercules
Chapter 5: Cronos
Chapter 6: Hera
Chapter 7: Zeus (End Game)

Trophy Guide
Weapon Upgrades
– Meet the Gods of Olympus (Soon! 3/15)
– Godly Possessions (Soon! 3/15)


God of War III’s Controversial Sex Scene Exposed
With God of War III reaching into stores very soon, we have prepared a video for you that will show a sex scene of Kratos to one of the goddess in the game.

God of War III’s First Ten Minutes
Watch the first ten minutes of the much awaited conclusion of the God of War series in God of War III. Check out the beginning of an epic opening that everyone will remember.

ARTICLES for God of War III

God of War III Costumes Disables Trophy Support
For the people who pre-ordered the game at their local Gamestop stores and received the exclusive Phantom of Chaos costume DLC might want to hold off in using it until you finish the game.

God of War III’s Secret Trophies Revealed
With the embargo on God of War III finally lifted up, we would like to present the secret trophies of God of War III. The following are all story-related and it could contain spoilers.

God of War III’s New Weapons Revealed
One of the main highlights in God of War III are the weapons and magics that Kratos can use. They are more deadlier and stylish this time compared to the past two God of War titles.

God of War III Challenges of Olympus Revealed
One of the extras that can be unlocked after finishing God of War III is the Challenges of Olympus. If you are up to test your skills in God of War III, then the Challenges of Olympus is what you’re going to look for.