If there’s one thing that says a lot about a game is the size, with Sony’s next big title Killzone 3 releasing soon, just how does it stack up?

Today at JPS headquarters, we got quite the interesting package straight from Sony, a prerelease copy of the upcoming title Killzone 3. The Killzone series has a lot going on from amazing graphics to a top class online multiplayer. Fans who might have played the demo may recall a rather large download size, nearly 4 GB in size. So this brings up the question, just how big is Killzone 3? Its quite the understable question, most of the higher file size games are either top tier or have nearly endless things to do; some examples would be Metal Gear Solid 4, Uncharted 2, God of War 3 and the highest of all Final Fantasy XIII.

As our first of many topics to give you all the details on this powerhouse, we are happy to announce that Killzone 3 is 41.5 GB making it just a little bit over Final Fantasy XIII making it the largest current Playstation 3 title. This is quite a shock considering the last game (Killzone 2) clocked in with a respectable 12 GB! With this news though, I’m sure you have to be wondering if there’s a data install. I mean most largest games have one, and you want something this nice to run perfectly right? Well we are happy to announce that Killzone 3 officially has NO data install and runs perfectly!

Stay tuned for more information in the days to come.