If you plan on playing Granblue Fantasy: Versus long term, you’re going to need to eventually beat RPG mode. This will give you the character Beelzebub, along with additional colors, weapon skins, resources for the original game and a Vyrn costume. But, if this mode isn’t your thing, this guide will explain how to easily overcome any challenge.

Build your own weapon grid

At first auto select might seem like a good idea but the way auto select works is more theoretical than literal. Under perfect conditions that would be your best build but most people will focus on leveling and maximizing SSR weapons for better perks and higher stats. For this reason, make at least one grid for every weapon type and focus on SSR weapons of that type, followed by whatever gives the most stats. By doing this you can achieve much higher stats than through auto select.

Avoid Free Quests and Tower of Babyl

Odds are if you’re reading this guide, you want to unlock everything as quickly as possible. And, while these quests offer cute stories and additional resources that you may or may not need for weapon skins, they’re not required for progression. Your best bet will always be avoiding them and ideally getting enough weapons from draws to never have to do them.


Set Both Characters as AI

Similar to Mortal Kombat 11, if you don’t feel like playing Granblue Fantasy: Versus, you can set player one and two as AI who will do the missions for you. To do this, either select your character before the match and change partner setting to CPU or give control to the computer in the middle of a match. The penalty for doing this is rather small and will not prevent you from unlocking the stages and items you want. That being said, the AI is too dumb to beat bosses and a handful of stages, so it isn’t a foolproof method as much as a nice bonus if you want to progress while eating dinner.

Don’t Grind; Ask for Back Up

Certain bosses and stages are, quite honestly, really difficult without good gear, a decent amount of skill and the right tactic. Thankfully, those uninterested in doing this can simply ask for assistance and likely find someone far more powerful that is willing to do it for them. Some of the hard mode bosses I was able to find level 100 Japanese players that effortlessly dropped the boss, got me an S rank and more. The only downside is some of the optional fights have to be done offline. For these you should be able to build a character just strong enough to win, though they’re mostly for weapon skins and the one trophy that requires you craft one of the weapons.