Unclear if it’s an unannounced promotion or pricing gaffe on the Sony PlayStation Store, XSeeD’s first entry in the party-based role playing series Valhalla Knights is currently available free of charge.

The first Valhalla Knights sets the stage for the series’ unique dungeoneering experience. With five varying classes and eight different job classes, players are free to customize their party to their hearts delight. Valhalla Knights also offers local adhoc gameplay for those with a friend that want to hone their skills in co-op missions before the latest entry hits store shelves.

You can locate the download link to Valhalla Knights here via PC or by searching ‘Valhalla Knights‘ on the Playstation Store.

Valhalla Knights 3, the first next-gen entry in the series, will be available on PlayStation Vita in North America on October 15th. Check back later for our review!