Wild Artefact

In addition to the main time periods, there are ten hidden time periods in the Historia Crux that can only be opened when an item called the “Wild Artefact” is used.

The Wild Artefacts in the game are scattered through the different time periods. Some you will obtain automatically, while others will require Mog’s Moogle Hunt ability. For anyone who wish to explore the Historia Crux to its fullest and unlock the hidden secrets within; here are the list of the Wild Artefacts that are scattered throughout the game situs judi slot online terpercaya.


1. Serendipity ??? AF – Purchase it for 10,000 coins. If you have the Bargain Hunter fragment skill then you can get it for 7,500 coins.
2. A Dying World 700 AF – Once you complete the area, go back to the Farseer’s Relic and approach the Oracle Drive. A brief scene will occur and the Wild Artefact will appaer.
3. Oerba 200 AF – (refer to the picture above)
4. Yaschas Massif 100AF – Complete the quests of the Rubies then solve the anomaly.
5. Academia 4XXF – Go to the alley all the way to the south east portion of the map. (refer to the picture below)


6. Sunleth Waterscape 300AF – While you’re riding the monster along the Animal Trail, the Wild Artefact will be visible. Throw Mog to get it.
7. August Tower 200 AF – At the end of the battle with Proto fal’Cie, the Wild Artefact should be there.
8. Bresha Ruins 005 – Use Moogle Hunt after the tutorial.
9. Bresha Ruins 300 AF – Look for the NPC that looks like a ghost (near to the area where you fought Atlas). Do his request and he’ll give you an Artefact.
10. Archylte Steppe ??? AF – Once you have the Clearwater Marsh explored, go to the northern part of the area and look for a cliff. The Wild Artefact will be there on the lower platform.

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