Final Fantasy XIII-2: Five Tips for Starting Time Travelers

The ability to time travel is no easy task. In Final Fantasy XIII-2, you can expect to spend a lot of time going through different time periods in an attempt to resolve the paradox. With so many worlds available within the game, expect to face some hardships.

As Final Fantasy XIII-2 is now available in North America, I’m sure there are a lot of gamers out there seeking for tips on how to conquer the game. XIII-2 is different than its predecessor in so many ways that even fans can get confused. In my thirty hour playthrough and with almost all of the fragments collected, I’ve learned some new things about the game in the hard way.

Here are the tips for gamers who wishes to master Final Fantasy XIII-2.

1. Collect Fragments Along the Way
On your first playthrough, try to get as many of the fragments in each time period. Doing so will allow you to unlock some Fragment skills as soon as you reach Serendipity. These Fragment Skills can only be unlocked after obtaining all fragments in one time period. Important fragment skills such as Raise CP are essential for those who desire to grind and max out the roles of Serah and Noel.

2. Pick the Obvious Answers in Live Trigger
Final Fantasy XIII-2 has an event called “Live Trigger”. During the event you will have to choose from a set of options on the screen. Picking the most obvious choice will always lead to a right answer. If a wrong answer is chosen, it could lead to an unfortunate Paradox Ending.

3. Grind as Much as Possible
Without spoiling anything from the game, I highly suggest you grind and to master all roles for the two characters. Doing so will give you a huge advantage in taking down the four consecutive boss fights at the end of the game (as I had a hard time!). Make sure that your Feral Creature is all maxed out to take advantage of their skills. Also, once you finish the game, more difficult enemies lurk around the world of Final Fantasy XIII-2, some of these enemies are even more dangerous than the end boss.

4. Learn About your Feral Ally
From the beginning till the end of your journey, you’ll rely on the three Feral allies  in your party. With so many monsters that you can recruit as an ally, it’s always best to know which one is the right for your team. Always pay attention to what skills can be  unlocked in the Crystarium chart as knowing what skills will be available will pretty much benefit your future battle with difficult bosses. Also, always pick different roles and have a good Paradigm combinations.

5. Look Into Your Surroundings for Mog’s Moogle Throw
Mog is a very important character in the game. With his abilities, you can uncover items that are hidden within the map. If you wish to get every fragment, you will need to pretty much learn how to use Mog’s Moogle Throw or Mog Hunt. If there’s a time you see a treasure that is invisible, use Mog Hunt and if you see a treasure that is beyond your reach, it’s always best if you throw Mog for him to get it. Don’t also forget that you can improve Mog’s ability by collecting every fragment in a time and visiting the Msytic in Serendipity.

These are just the five essential tips that you should keep in mind when playing Final Fantasy XIII-2. If you have anything to share, feel free to drop a comment below.