Final Fantasy XIII-2: Easiest Way to Farm CP and Level Up Faster

Obtaining Crystarium Points is very important in Final Fantasy XIII-2 as it will help you increase the role level of the characters in your party. There are several ways to get a good amount of CP such as collecting fragments or simply battling monsters.

For those who are near the end of the game and are looking to for an easy way to collect Crystarium Points (CP), there is an easy way to do it and you can expect to get 3000 CP per battle. However, before this can happen, you will be needing the following fragment skills; Rolling in CP (doubles your CP per battle) and Battlemania (increases the spawn rate of rare enemies).

Final Fantasy XIII-2 Ultimate Wiki Guide
Assuming you have these two fragment skills, it’s now time to farm CP.

1. With Rolling in CP and Battlemania Fragment Skill set to ON, go to Yaschas Massif AF100 / AF 110
2. Remember the area where there’s a search light?
3. Seek out for the White Behemoth (Narasimha) and take him down. Be careful as the Behemoth is a strong enemy. Make sure you’re prepared.
4. Once done, you can get 3000-4000CP.