Final Fantasy XIII-2 Complete Paradox Endings Guide

Final Fantasy XIII-2 Complete Paradox Endings Guide

In addition to the true ending of Final Fantasy XIII-2, there are eight alternate endings referred to as “Paradox Endings”. These eight endings can only be triggered by doing certain tasks in the worlds.

Through the numerous time vortexes that you will venture inside, there will be a point in time that players will need to do something in order to trigger a paradox ending. By triggering a paradox ending, it doesn’t simply end the game. With the time traveling that Square Enix implemented in the game, they made FFXIII-2 pretty much endless as things change from one time to another.

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For those who wish to unlock every Paradox Ending, here’s the complete guide.

Fate and Freedom

How to Unlock: When you arrive on the New Bodhum in the year AF00X, you’ll trigger a series of Live Trigger events with the four NORA members. After talking to them, they’ll ask you to visit the NORA house. Inside, trigger a cutscene involving Snow. Go outside and everybody will be gone to the beach area. From the NORA house, head south and you’ll find Lightning. She’ll ask you if you want to be with her; say YES and you’ll unlock the first paradox ending that won’t require you to finish the game.
Requirements: None

A Giant Mistake

How to Unlock: Remember how you have to weaken Atlas in order to beat him in New Bodhum 005 AF? Well, once you have the Time Gate Seal, close the gate in New Bodhum 005 AF to reset the events. Now, instead of weakening him first in order to take him down, fight him straight on. Once defeated, you will unlock the Paradox Ending.
Requirements: “Scars” Gate Seal, Character’s HP to at least 4000 as he’s super strong.

Beneath a Timeless Sky

How to Unlock: Once you complete the game and obtain the Paradox Scope fragment skill, close the time gate of Academia 4XXF and replay through the area until you reach the end of the Void Beyond. In the Void Beyond, turn on the Paradox Scope and fight Caius once again in his much stronger persona. I would suggest that you should have at least 5000 HP for all the characters in the party. When he’s defeated, a New Bodhum XXXAF timeline will be revealed in Historia Crux.
Requirements: Paradox Scope, Serah’s HP to 4000 to survive

Heir to Chaos

How to Unlock: Assuming you finished the game and have the Paradox Scope, head to Academia 4XXF (with the Paradox Scope turned OFF) and replay through the area until you reach New Bodhum, then onto the Dying World 700 AF. When Noel is in his dreamworld, turn the Paradox Scope ON and fight Caius. Similar to the “Beneath a Timeless Sky” paradox ending, Caius is much stronger. I suggest for Noel to have at least 5000 HP in order to survive the battle. Once he’s down, Dying World XXXAF will be revealed in the Historia Crux.
Requirements: Paradox Scope, Noel’s HP to 5000 to survive.

Mischievous Mog’s Marvelous Plan With Flan

How to Unlock: Similar to “A Giant Mistake” paradox ending, you will need to defeat the big red flan in Sunleth Waterscape 300AF (close the time gate in order to reset the events). The Royal Ripeness is easy to defeat when you have both characters in a HP of 3000 or more. Since he deals a status damage to the party, make sure you have a reliable healer in your party that can both cast Esuna and Curaja.
Requirements: Time Gate Seal

Test Subjects

How to Unlock: Replay Augusta Tower 200AF with the Paradox Scope set to ON. Go through all the way to the top and fight Proto fal’Cie Adam. Compared to its previous form without the Paradox Scope, he’s much more stronger so prepare for a good fight.
Requirements: Paradox Scope

The Future is Hope

How to Unlock: With the Paradox Scope set to ON, close the time gate in Academia 4XXF. When you give the Graviton Cores to Alyssa, she’ll hand you the Vagabond Artefact. Refuse her offer then the Paradox Ending will begin.
Requirements: Paradox Scope

Vanille’s Truth

How to Unlock: Once you have the Paradox Scope, set the fragment skill ON and head to Oerba 200 AF with its time gate closed to reset the events. Your goal is to reach the Deserted School House where you fought Caius and saw Yeul. Fight the stronger version of Caius and take him down. When he’s defeated, Oerba XXXF will be unlocked and you can watch the Paradox Ending. At this fight, I would recommend for you to have at least 3000HP.
Requirements: Paradox Scope