Acquiring the ‘Gold’ Chocobo

We all know that in the Final Fantasy world, there are different kinds of Chocobo in the wild. In Final Fantasy XIII-2, there are different colored Chocobos that you can recruit, but one of the best colors that players can ever hope for in obtaining in the game is the Gold Chocobo.

In addition to using the Chocobos in battle, they can also be registered in Serendipity’s Chocobo Racing. Chocobos with the golden color have the best skills when it comes in using them for racing. However, the more they are used in racing, the more they get competitive with other Chocobos.

When it comes to using them in battle, the Gold Chocobo has the Commando role. Throughout the game, they’re one of the best monsters to use in yor party. The maximum level that they can achieve is 45 and when that happens, players will have a powerful ally in their party.

Now, here’s how you can obtain the one and only Gold Chocobo:


How to Obtain: In A Dying World of AF 700, refer to the map above and look for the arrow. Use Mog’s Mog Hunt and the treasure that reveals the Gold Chocobo will be there.

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