One of the biggest surprises of Square Enix’s Collaboration with Gumi in Final Fantasy Brave Exvius is the ability to fight Brave Frontier’s Maxwell.

In just the span of one week, players of Final Fantasy Brave Exvius can challenge the notorious Maxwell and earn rewards for beating her. Thanks to the newly introduced Mission system, there are valuable rewards waiting for everyone, though there are certain conditions to be met. Here are the rewards for beating Maxwell.


4* Trust Moogle
Condition: Complete the quest by defeating Maxwell

10000 Karma
Condition: Defeat Maxwell by using a Limit Break

15% Dark Resistance Materia
Condition: Defeat Maxwell without not having anyone die in battle

Maxwell (5* Unit)
Condition: Evoke Diabolos

Maxwell in this week’s event is challenging. Those who don’t have units with TMR will be having a hard time and will require a lot of patience. In my case, my units are the following:

– Lightning
– Luneth
– Elza
– Ramza
– Cecil

From the units above, about 50-75% are equipped with TMRs. It was an average fight for me as it took me about 3 turns to beat her – that’s without trying to evoke Diabolos to get Maxwell.

Now, you want to beat her? Here’s our tips!

Final Final Brave Exvius


Must Have Units

– Tank (specifically Cecil is the best option for this battle as it can do both damage mitigation and heal. If you have Dual Cast equipped on him, the better)
– Cloud of Darkness 6* (Her Omni Veil helps all units have resistance on her Light attacks. The Barrage Skill is also useful as it help builds up the Esper Evoke Bar.
– Refia 6* (Her party buff is a must in order for units to deal more damage than normal. Also her Revive skill is quite useful as most likely units will die in this fight)

Maxwell’s Attacks

Genesis – AOE + ATK Down
Meteor – ST + DEF Down
Destiny – Powerful ST Damage with chance of reduce Max HP (every 5 turns)
Resurrection – HP Recovery
Endless – Powerful AOE Attack
Revive – HP Recovery (120,000)


– During the first turn, Maxwell will use Genesis that deals AOE damage, as well debuffing your units with attack down. Make sure that your Cecil uses Provoke on this turn.
– Have the rest of your units do the necessary party buffs during the first time. If you have Ramza, do the Hero’s Song or Refia’s Embolden
– Maxwell can be debuffed (Attack/Def/SPR/Mag Down). If you have an Elza friend, her Ravaging Blow will be useful in this fight. If not, Full Break will work.
– Maxwell is weak against Dark element attacks. That means, Cloud of Darkness’ Call of the Void will be very useful in this fight.
– You will need to Evoke Diabolos in battle to get Maxwell.
– If you have Excalibur or any light property weapons, unequip it! Maxwell will resist it.
– Keep your party buff and make sure you have Curaja as there are times Maxwell will unleash several AOE attacks.
– Barrage is a useful TMR in this battle as it will help you evoke Diabolos faster
– Since Maxwell is a human, Man-Eater passive skill helps deal more damage