In this week’s update for Final Fantasy Brave Exvius, a new foe has arrived in the Vortex called Antenolla.

Compared to past trials, Antenolla is much tougher and require some strategy in taking it down. Below is our guide in how to beat this cumbersome boss:

Final Fantasy Brave Exvius Guide


Complete Quest – 20 Lapis
Party of 5 or less (Companion included) – 10 Lapis
Defeat the Antenolla with an esper – 10 Lapis
Clear without an ally being KO’d – 10 Lapis

Clear Bonus: Thorned Mace

Tips to remember when fighting Antenolla

– Antenolla has four different parts that you have to defeat: the roots, leaves, the ivy, and the flower itself.
– When taking down Antenolla, make sure that you don’t touch or kill the flower in the middle. Doing so will aggro the other parts and it will unleash a devastating attack that could wipe the entire team.
– The order of how you should take down the boss are the following: roots -> vines -> leaves -> flower
– Bringing a unit with “FULL BREAK” will make the fight easier and allows you to deal more damage to one part.
– Having a tank in the party will help mitigate the damage that the bosses will unleash.
– Don’t use AOE skills. If you have a single target skill, the better and easier the fight will be.
– This will be a long fight, even for someone who has OP characters. Bring Ether, Turbo Ether or Elixir to replenish the MP
– Bringing a Mage is something I would not recommend. Bring an physical attacker instead that has single target
– If you have Refia, hopefully you have the Dual Cast TMR to help the spam heals. Otherwise, both Refia and Cecil can do the healing

Recommended Units

Refia (Healer)
You need a healer Refia for its Full-Life revive skill. There’s a chance Antenolla will kill a certain unit and having a Full-Life available will ease the pain of reviving and healing.
Cecil (Tank)
The best tank as of this moment is Cecil. Bring him as you will not only use him as your tank, he can also help catch up with heals
Elza (Full Breaker)
Elza is no doubt the best Full Breaker right now, thanks to her Ravaging Blow skill. If you don’t have a Full Breaker, hopefully you have added someone whose leader is her.

Quick Facts

Antenolla (Flower) – Weak to Wind element
Antenolla (Ivy) – Weak to Water and Dark element
Antenolla (Leaves) – Weak to Earth element
Antenolla (Roots) – Weak to Earth element

All parts of the boss are immune to Gravity and Death