Deadpool Is Slashing His Way Into Marvel Future Fight

To celebrate the home release of Deadpool 2 coming later this month Netmarble Corp has announced that the character of Deadpool and some of his friends will be available to play in the Marvel Future Fight game for mobile devices.

The character and all of his friends will be added to Marvel Future Fight on August 8th, 2018. The game itself is available now on iOS and Android devices. You can read more details from the press release posted down below.

Available on iOS and Android devices on August 8, the latest game update introduces five new characters, including Deadpool, Psylocke, Domino, Fantomex and Stryfe, and two new X-Force uniforms for Cable and Colossus.

The game update also adds a new Epic Quest based off of X-Force and Deadpool and will allow players to acquire Deadpool instantly when beginning the new quest. Players can upgrade Deadpool by progressing through the Epic Quest.

Players can also get excited for other changes, including Tier-3 upgrades and new ultimate skills for Deadpool in this latest update. Additionally, various events are added to celebrate the update and Marvel Studio’s 10 Year Anniversary. Players will be able to acquire rewards including 6 6-Star characters and Tier-2 Advancement Tickets through the Check-In Calendar, and acquire items for Deadpool’s advancement by trading in event quest tokens.

Marvel Future Fight is available now and the action RPG is free to play on both iOS and Android devices. The game can easily be found on the App and Google Play stores respectively. The game is quite popular as it has already amassed a player count of well over 86 million users worldwide. Some of these characters could be making an appearance in future films as 20th Century Fox has been planning to release an X Force movies thanks to the success of the first two Deadpool movies at the Box Office.