Gumi announced today the details of the collaboration between Brave Frontier and the recently released Phantom of the Kill.

Starting on June 23 until July 13, gamers who play Brave Frontier and Phantom of the Kill will get all sorts of new rewards by simply participating. Fans can look forward in getting a new unit in Brave Frontier by doing exclusive dungeons in the Vortex, summoning an exclusive Global Unit named Zero in the Summoning Gate, and getting an exclusive unit by simply logging in daily.

Here are the details of the Collaboration:

I. Phantom of the Kill Collaboration Dungeon

Brave-Frontier-01-308x300 (1)

Explore the calm-yet-eerily-dangerous Hellebore Meadow and get the chance to recruit the Killer Princess Tyrfing!

II. Special Summon: Phantom of the Kill’s Zero (Global Exclusive)


Zero, the first prototype of the Killer Project and first Killer Prince, will be featured in the Divine Summon Gate starting June 27th, 7:00 PST to July 13th, 23:59 PST [June 27, 8:00 PDT – July 14, 0:59 PDT]!

III. Play Phantom of the Kill, Get Rewards!


Log in & play Phantom of the Kill starting June 24, 0:00 PST – July 13, 23:59 PST [June 24, 1:00 PDT – July 14, 0:59 PDT] to acquire the Killer Princess Laevateinn, as well as other rewards, in Brave Frontier!